Water Diversions

Water diversions are prohibited, with three exceptions:

  1. Communities that straddle the Basin divide
  2. Intra-Basin transfers
  3. Communities in counties that straddle the Basin divide

Different requirements apply to each type of exception.  The Regional Body and Compact Council use stringent Guidance and Rules for review.   

To date, only the City of Waukesha's (WI) proposal for a diversion has undergone a review by the Regional Body and been approved by the Compact Council.  

City of Waukesha, Wisconsin Application

In 2016, the City of Waukesha, Wisconsin, requested approval for a Diversion as a Community in a Straddling County.  Following review by the Regional Body and its declaration that the application met the Agreement’s criteria with conditions, it was approved by the Compact Council with conditions. 

Record of Decision


Administrative Hearing