Managing Water Use

The Statess share the duty to protect, conserve, and manage the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin. 

Each State has established its own water management program, which has resulted in the better collection of and sharing of water use data among the States and Provinces.  Each State and Province annually completes a report on its water management program and submits this report to the Regional Body.

State/Provincial Reporting Protocols to Regional Water Use Database

Great Lakes Regional Water Use Database (External Site)

Additionally, every five years each State provides an update to the Compact Council on its Water Management and Water Conservation and Efficiency Program. The Compact Council then conducts a review and may recommend changes to help the States improve their programs.

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As submitted on December 8, 2019.  Updated reports will be noted as received, with the date of update noted.


Indiana (updated 12-20-19)



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